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“If I don’t blow up ten things in the next five seconds, I’ll die!”

“If I don’t blow up ten things in the next five seconds, I’ll die!”

Most people who play a particular game will tell you there is a lot more to it than just ‘blowing things up’. It is people who stand and watch you play who might simplify and dismiss your fascination.

Here are a couple of old games that my parents showed me when I was a kid:


harry-potter-and-the-sorcerers-stone-11SimsI got into Harry Potter and Sims games later. I never got into all the obstacle course type games online: running, swimming, jumping, and yes — triggering explosions when you jump onto things like treasure and traps!

What do your computer games look like? Do you think someone watching you for thirty seconds would say that you were just ‘blowing things up’?

You can draw your game on Charlotte’s computer screen for the Cursed Dishes Art Contest. Or draw what it looks like at home when someone who doesn’t understand your game wants you to drop it and do your chores.
Send your drawings to


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