Harini Srinivasan’s review

Sep 14, 14
5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: very-young-readers, magic, funny, family

I ordered this book, which was published in Canada, several months ago and it finally landed up on my doorstep this week. What a nice addition to my collection of children’s books! This is a one-of-a-kind chapter book for the youngest readers. It’s really funny, but I can imagine a 7- or 8-year old finding the magic just a little scary, in a thrilling sort of way. The story is about three sisters — Glenda, who “was sixteen, had homework every day, did her own laundry and washed the dishes twice a week”; and her younger sisters Charlotte and Eileen who went to elementary school. “For them, homework was rare and chores optional. So they led their young lives happy and free.” Explosive situation already! When Glenda asks Charlotte to scrape out her leftover cereal before dumping the dish in the sink, Charlotte is too busy blowing up things on the computer. But Glenda — as Charlotte and Eileen are soon to discover — is a witch. And things start to happen to Charlotte and Eileen — gross things! Until they discover the magic way to stop Glenda’s magic.

Jennifer Lott is a natural storyteller. The narrative style is simple, quietly funny and irresistible! I suspect Jennifer of secretly being Glenda, snickering away as Charlotte and Eileen rush around trying to find out how to break the spell. The illustrations by Doriano Strologo perfectly capture the spirit of this fun story. Love this book and highly recommend it!


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