The Books

amazoncoverFamily Magic is a series of illustrated, transitional chapter books for ages 6-9. They are written by Jennifer Lott, illustrated by Doriano Strologo, and published by Reality Skimming Press. Books 1-2 are available for purchase through Indigo and Amazon.





#1 Cursed Dishes

Charlotte and Eileen know that dirty dishes are not supposed to follow them around. But when their big sister gets mad at them, their leftovers will not stay put! Crusts and soggy cereal are chasing them to school, getting in their clothes, and hiding in their beds. With every meal the dishes stack higher against them! How can they break this crazy spell?

#2 Hexed HairCut Final Cover

Charlotte and Eileen know it’s their big sister who casts mean spells, so why is mom the one nagging them this time? When they don’t brush their hair, it comes right off their heads! They have to grow it back with magic, but the spell they choose turns a bad hair day into a disaster. How can they escape hair that is filling their whole house?

#3 Spit Test is coming soon!


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