Drawing Contest

Contest Theme: draw any scene or idea from the book Hexed Hair

Age to Enter Contest: 12 and under

Contest Deadline: August 1, 2015My Sisters

Do you like to draw pictures? Have you read Hexed Hair? If you are 12 or younger, your Hexed Hair drawing could be in a book this fall!

Draw your favourite part — a moment that made you laugh, or think, or say “eww, that’s gross!” Or draw what it would look like if someone’s hair grew all over your own house. Anything to do with the story is fair game. Need more ideas? Check for suggestions on the Hexed Hair blog.

The winner of this contest will have a black-and-white version of their drawing published on the dedication page of Spit Test — the next book coming out in the Family Magic series. A colour version of the winning drawing will go up on the Family Magic Website, along with any runners-up who would like their drawings to be posted online.

Please show this contest to your parent or guardian. Ask your parent or guardian to scan your Hexed Hair drawing and to e-mail it as a .jpeg attachment to jcmlott@shaw.ca

My ParentsParents/guardians, in the e-mail, please include:
-your child’s first name
-your child’s age
-anything your child would like to say about his/her drawing


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