Your Sidekicks

In her agony, Charlotte forgot about keeping secrets. Before she knew what she was doing the whole story came tumbling from her mouth:
“Glenda got mad and cursed our dishes so they follow us everywhere me and Eileen they hunt us down and find us no matter where we are no matter what we do and Glenda’s an evil witch and we can’t find her spell books and the dishes won’t ever leave us alone ever again, Mommy!”
There was a long silence.
“Oh,” said her mother. “Well…why don’t we get you cleaned up and then we can…talk about this.”

Charlotte’s mom takes it pretty well when she finds out about cursed dishes. She and Charlotte sit down and drink hot chocolate, and talk it all over. If an adult in your family believed you, what do you think they’d do to help you with your curse? Would they get scared, and help you search the house? Would they get angry, and go with you to talk to the family member who cursed you?
Draw what you think would happen for the Cursed Dishes Art Contest.


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