Potion Book

This is a small collection of potion recipes written for the Family Magic books. Children at Lyndhurst Elementary asked to see them, so here they are! Be sure to check with mom and dad before you try any of these potion experiments at home. The author will add more potions as she completes them.

Feud Smoothie (from Makepeace Treats)

Section B: two family members

            Smooth over a short-term feud (lasting a week or less) with one refreshing gulp. Additional gulps may be required for longer-standing feuds. For strongest results, give separate potions to each family member. Follow the steps below to make both potions simultaneously.

            1. From each family member’s personal possessions, take one tablespoon of any non-oral liquid. Add both tablespoons to each potion.  

            2. Add 3/4 cup of liquid glue to each potion.

            3. Add one whole dove feather to each potion (a broken feather will result in a poorly smoothed feud).

            4. Add two cups of the intended drinker’s favourite fruit to each potion. Only one type of fruit should be in each potion; do not mix. Drinker must taste his/her favourite fruit to successfully absorb the potion’s power.

            5. Add two teaspoons of natural witch saliva to each potion. No need to stir; this final ingredient will complete the potion’s transformation into a smoothie.

Spit Test

Test any human’s saliva in this, to ascertain whether that human has natural magic inside his/her body.

            To make a Spit Test, mix together in a bowl:

            -3 tablespoons of toothpaste (for best results, use mint-flavoured)

            -1/2 cup of pickles (juice from jar may be included)

            -5 crow feathers (the longer the better)

Mash ingredients together, until there are no more lumps. If you do not add pickle juice, you may add up to 1/2 cup of water to make the potion easier to stir. Stir potion as fast as you can for 10 seconds to ensure a good blend.

Your potion should resemble a thick paste. Drop a test subject’s saliva on top of the potion. If the saliva goes through the pasty surface, fizzing and popping, your test subject is a natural witch. If the saliva does not react with the potion, your test subject does not have natural magic.

Store this potion at room temperature. Test unlimited samples of saliva for thirty days, after which the magical properties of this potion will expire.


Taste Dip

            Dip any food in this to make it taste and feel like your favourite food. Dipped food keeps its original appearance and nutrients.

            To make a Taste Dip, mix together in a bowl:

            -1/4 cup salt

            -1/4 cup sugar

            -1/4 cup lemon juice

            -1/4 cup black coffee

            -2 cups of the desired food flavour (for best results, condense the food itself into powder, paste or juice)

            Add 1 teaspoon of natural witch saliva.