School Visits

Click here to read an elementary school’s account of Jennifer’s author visit.

Cropped HH Visit

Kids look for objects tangled in the hair from the new Family Magic book “Hexed Hair.”


Introducing the book which started a decade ago as an angry teenager’s short story…how it has changed!


Who has brothers and sisters? Do they ever do anything that makes you angry? Do you ever wish you could cast a spell on them? And do you know what you can do when you really think about it? You can write a book!


Eileen gasped. “Oh, where did it go? Charlotte, it’s gone into your bed or something. You made it angry!”


Illustrator Doriano Strologo lives in Italy. According to his online picture, he is a crocodile! He gave the dishes their faces, and based on his artwork, JP Lott made a 3D sculpture.


Why are the dirty dishes so angry? One of them looks scared. What kind of food is each smudge supposed to be? The green smudge looks like boogers; well, these dishes do have noses!


The kids have more to tell the author as she signs their books. “My brother is two,” a girl informs Jennifer Lott, “he doesn’t do the dishes yet.” Other kids settle around the room with Cursed Dishes colouring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots and word searches.


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